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Affordable Housing Strategy

Version 1.0

In the City of Casey, there are people at risk of homelessness or are experiencing housing stress, overcrowding, or insecure housing. Casey’s Affordable Housing Strategy sets out how the Council responds to this issue.

Casey City Council has a long-term vision of making Casey Australia’s most liveable city. Affordable housing is a key element of a liveable community.

To become Australia’s most liveable city, all Casey residents must have access to secure, appropriate, and affordable housing. Casey’s Affordable Housing Strategy (the Strategy) guides how to accomplish this vision through clear strategic principles and supporting actions. The Strategy provides direction for further investigation into the advocacy for and facilitation and provision of affordable housing in Casey.

The purpose of the Strategy is to:

  • establish and detail Council’s roles in increasing the supply of affordable housing,
  • guide the planning of future affordable housing, and,
  • inform an action plan that guides and monitors Council’s implementation of the Strategy.

Access to appropriate and secure housing is a necessity and a basic requirement for everyone in the community under the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986, Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010 and the Human Rights Commission; but also an essential infrastructure of ensuring a safe, accessible and thriving community.

To increase the supply of affordable housing in the City of Casey, Council identified three strategic principles in this Strategy:

  • Strategic Principle 1: Advocate
  • Strategic Principle 2: Partner
  • Strategic Principle 3: Facilitate

The three strategic principles are implemented through actions, which consider homelessness, affordable housing investment, policy and legislative change, awareness-raising, and data and research capacity building.

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