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Activity Centre Strategy

Version 1.1

The City of Casey is Victoria’s most populous local government and one of Australia’s fastest growing municipalities. Casey has a 2017 population of 326,820 and is projected to reach 514,800 by 2041. Almost 70 per cent of working residents leave the area to go to work each day, usually to jobs in locations such as Dandenong, the Monash Employment and Innovation Cluster, or into the Melbourne CBD. In this context, the foremost issues facing Casey are how to plan well for continued population growth and how to create more local jobs, so the city can transition from a collection of commuter suburbs into an economically strong collection of vibrant urban centres that complement the rest of metropolitan Melbourne.

Activity Centres are the places in a community that people go to shop, work, eat and meet, including large centres like Fountain Gate and Cranbourne, or the many smaller centres of various sizes throughout Casey. Much of the City of Casey’s potential for employment growth in knowledge-based higher wage business sectors lies in the strength and vibrancy of its network of activity centres.

Casey’s Activity Centres Strategy sets forth Council’s vision for a strong and vibrant network of activity centres in Casey and provides guidance on how to accomplish this vision through specific policy directions.

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