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290 Hallam Road, Hampton Park (PA23/0694)

Planning Permit Application PA23/0694 - Proposing the use and development of land for a transfer station, 290 Hallam Road, Hampton Park

Council has received a planning permit application (PA23/0694) from Veolia ANZ, for a Transfer Station on the land adjacent to the Hallam  Road landfill operations located at 290 Hallam Road, Hampton Park.

This planning application is exempt from public exhibition, as it falls under a Development Plan and Council is limited to the information that can be made publicly available on our website during the application process.

Veolia has established a Community Reference Group to facilitate community information and help address community questions and concerns relating to the Planning Permit application submitted to Council and the Development Licence application process with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

If you would like to receive updated information from Veolia, please email [email protected]

The EPA will seek community input through its assessment of the Development Licence application process via public exhibition that is guided by a four-month statutory timeframe.  Further information regarding the processing of the Development Licence and opportunities for community input will be provided on EPAs website.


The information received as part of the planning application provides the following information about the proposed Transfer Station.

Design of the facility

  • The proposed building is set back approximately 250 metres from the nearest residential dwellings and located adjacent to the eastern boundary of the site .

  • The building is to be fitted with rapid shutter doors designed to reduce offsite odours.

  • Building materials such as concrete walls slabs and roof sandwich panels are designed to reduce noise impacts.

  • Design of the building includes exhaust ventilation to improve dispersion of emissions.

  • Access to the site is proposed to be via the existing common access road shared between Veolia and Holcim.

How the facility will operate

The proposal will operate in two parts :

  1. Outlook Environmental public Drop off Facility (existing operation)

  2. Regional transfer station (new Veolia operation . No public access)

The transfer station would receive waste from:

  • Municipal kerbside collection 

  • Construction, demolition and other sources which is solid inert waste

  • Commercial and industrial sources that includes putrescible waste.

Local waste will be delivered to the transfer station by trucks and consolidated into containers before being transported to appropriate recycling or disposal destinations. Waste management will all take place in a fully enclosed building. 

Proposed operating hours

  • Midnight until 6 pm Monday to Friday

  • Midnight until 4 pm Saturday 

  • Closed Sunday 

  • Key processing hours 6 am to 6 pm

View the plans

A copy of the development plans submitted with the planning application can be accessed via the link provided below. 

Status of the planning permit application

Council is currently assessing the proposal and has 60 statutory days to decide in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987.  Given the complexity of the proposal and community interest, it may take time to decide the outcome of the application.

As part of the assessment process, our Statutory Planning Team will be closely reviewing and considering all elements of the application in accordance with the Casey Planning Scheme.

This may involve responding to Veolia with any further requirements or amendments that need to be made to ensure the potential for off-site impacts to local amenity, nearby residents and the local community are properly managed.

As part of the planning application process for a Transfer Station, the EPA will also complete a separate assessment as a statutory referral authority under the Casey Planning Scheme and the outcome of this will be passed on to Council to include as part of the final assessment of the planning application process.

It is important to note that in accordance with the provisions of the Casey Planning Scheme, the Council is not able to formally consider any ‘submissions/objections’ made to this planning permit application as the existing Development Plan Overlay exempts the planning permit application from public notice and third-party appeal rights.

The Hampton Park Hill Development Plan was adopted by Council on 18 July 2023.  The proposal must be generally in accordance with the 2023 approved development plan under the Development Plan Overlay. 

View a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the planning application and process

For more information

Please quote the planning application number PA23/0694 in any written correspondence sent to Council.

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