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Plant collections at Wilson Botanic Park Berwick

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Fossil plants

Wilson Botanic Park Berwick is one of the southern hemisphere's premier fossil flora locations. Significant Macrofossil Flora Fossils dating back 22 million years where found in the park in 1902 by Australia's foremost Paleobotanist Henry Deane. Many of these represent some of the earliest examples of rainforest in the drying environment in Southern Australia.

Fast forwarding 22 million years to today we are reintroducing many of these species and their related ancestors back into the park. This includes plants such as:

  • Wollemi nobilis (Wollemi Pine)
  • Gymnostoma australianum (Daintree Pine)
  • Agathis species (Kauri Pine)
  • Araucaria species
  • Podocarpus species
  • many more fossil species


Secrets to the Evolution of Eucalyptus are held at Wilson Botanic Park Berwick. Eucalyptus fossils were discovered in the park in 1902. These are known to be some the oldest Eucalyptus fossils ever discovered dating back 22 million years.

The Eucalyptus is Australia's second largest genus with around 1000 different species and related genera. No other single genus of plants in Australia evokes more passion, inspiration, culture and sense of place than Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus genus is a key component to our collection at Wilson Botanic Park Berwick with nearly 200 species currently in our living collection.


The Genus Quercus (Oaks) has strong links to the early European history of Australia and the local area. Many large significant trees still remain today in the City of Casey which were planted by our earliest pioneers. Wilson Botanic Park Berwick celebrates our local pioneering history with the use of many Oak trees.

Apart from celebrating our local history, Oaks also provide great amenity and aesthetic value to the park. Many of the species have also been selected due to their strong adaptability to climate change.

Ornamental Gardens

You can see the following gardens in the park:

  • Rose Garden
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Australian Natives
  • Water Saving
  • Sensory Garden
  • Autumn Displays

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