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Amendment VC152


Amendment VC152 was prepared and approved by the Minister for Planning, coming into operation on 26 October 2018.

Changes to Casey Planning Scheme

  • insert new objectives and strategies for major hazard facilities in Clause 13.07 (Amenity)
  • amend Clause 16.01-6S (Crisis accommodation and community care units) to reflect the new land use terminology and policy support for community care accommodation and rooming houses
  • amend the table of uses in all residential zones, Clause 34.01 (Commercial 1 Zone) and Clause 35.03 (Rural Living Zone) to include permit exemptions for ‘Community care accommodation’ and Rooming house’ land uses
  • amend Clause 35.08 (Rural Activity Zone) to delete the reference to ‘Backpackers’ lodge’ amend Clause 37.07 and Clause 52.34 (Bicycle facilities) to delete references to ‘Nursing home’
  • amend Clause 52.06 (Car parking) to specify a car parking rate for a ‘Rooming house’
  • delete Clause 52.22 (Crisis accommodation) and Clause 52.23 (Shared housing) and replace them with a new Clause 52.22 (Community care accommodation) and Clause 52.23 (Rooming house)
  • delete Clause 52.24 (Community care unit)
  • amend Clause 53.06 (Live music and entertainment noise) to include ‘Community care accommodation’ and ‘Rooming house’, and delete ‘Boarding house’ and ‘Nursing home’, in the definition of noise sensitive residential uses
  • insert a new particular provision at Clause 53.17 (Residential aged care facility)
  • amend Clause 73.03 (Land use terms) and Clause 73.04 (Nesting diagrams) to introduce ‘Community care accommodation’ and ‘Rooming house’ land uses, nest ‘Residential aged care facility’ under ‘Accommodation’, and delete ‘Backpackers’ lodge’, ‘Boarding house’, ‘Hostel’, ‘Nurses’ home’, ‘Nursing home’ and ‘Residential college’ land uses.

Ministerial approval

The Minister for Planning has approved Planning Scheme Amendment VC152 to the Casey Planning Scheme.

The amendment came into operation when it was published in the Government Gazette on 26 October 2018.

The approved planning scheme amendment documents can be viewed on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website:  Amendment VC152


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