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Amendment C204

Where the Amendment Applies

The amendment applies to land in the Cranbourne Major Activity Centre in Cranbourne and Cranbourne East, known as the Cranbourne Town Centre.

Proposed Changes to Casey Planning Scheme 

Amendment C204 is a fix-up of the Activity Centre Zone Schedule 1 Cranbourne Town Centre (ACZ1) to reflect changes in State and local planning policy since the ACZ1 was first introduced.

Specifically, this Amendment:

  • Fixes-up errors throughout the ACZ1 – notably reducing the number of objectives listed at 2.0 and updates to wording for permit triggers and objectives and guidelines throughout
  • Makes changes to the ACZ1 so that all areas identified for residential intensification in the Cranbourne Town Centre Plan 2017 are included in Precinct 6: Residential Intensification.
  • Applies controls similar to the Residential Growth Zone to Precinct 6 of the ACZ1
  • Collapses redundant sub-precincts in Precinct 3, 6 and 9
  • Clarifies notice and review provisions
  • Inserts additional decision guidelines for non-residential use and development in Precinct 6 (taken from RGZ), considering amenity of the surrounding neighbourhood for night-time entertainment uses and whether proposed development is an underutilisation of the lot.
  • Corrects zoning inconsistencies (where split zoning applies to a lot)
  • Makes consequential changes to clause 21.15 Cranbourne, 21.16 Cranbourne East and 22.03 Industrial Development Policy to insert the Cranbourne Town Centre Plan 2017 as a background document and make minor mapping and text changes.

Ministerial Approval 

The Minister for Planning has approved Planning Scheme Amendment C204 to the Casey Planning Scheme.

The amendment came into operation when it was published in the Government Gazette on 4 April 2019.

The approved planning scheme amendment documents can be viewed on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website