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Pet registration

Restrictions on keeping pets. Maximum number of animals. Microchipping and desexing. Registration fees. Register your pet. Keep extra animals or livestock.

Pet renewals

This year, in light of COVID-19, Council extended the due date for Animal Registration Renewal from 10 April to 30 June.

Payments are now overdue and notifications are being sent to owners of animals who have not renewed their registration. You may receive a fine if you do not pay the renewal.

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If your cat or dog is over 3 months old, you must register it with Council. Find out how much it costs to register and register your pet online.
You can renew your pet's registration online. You must renew your pet's registration by 10 April every year.
If your pet was previously registered to someone else, or at another council, you can transfer the registration to you.
If you are moving out of Casey or your pet has passed away, you can cancel the registration. If you wish to surrender your pet, you can do so at a Council pound.
You must microchip your pet before you register it. Cats must be desexed, unless you have written proof of an exemption. You are not required to desex your dog, but you will receive a discount for registering a desexed dog.
If you want to keep more animals or you want to keep livestock, you must apply for an Excess Animals and Livestock permit. You must apply for the permit before you acquire the animals.

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