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Permits and licences for events

You may need to get different approvals, permits and licenses to run your event.

We will help you identify what Council permits you need.

If you need permits or licenses from other government agencies, you will need to organise these.


You must get approval before your guests can consume alcohol in a public place. To do this, we will ask you to complete a Liquor Licence Management Plan. We will review this within 28 days.

If we approve your plan, you may need to apply for a Liquor Licence from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR). They can take up to 60 days to review your request.

Find out more on the VCGLR website.

Alcohol must always be sold, served and consumed responsibly.


If you are planning to use fireworks at your event, we will need to assess your request. Please complete the Discharge of Fireworks Application Form.

Applications must be lodged a minimum of 28 days prior to the event or the application may be refused.

You must provide:

  • Site Plan
  • Landowner Approval
  • Advise Display Location
  • Worksafe Confirmation
  • Notification to residents and businesses
  • Advise Emergency Service
  • * Fire Danger Period - CFA Schedule 14

*Please see the application form for more details.

Additional requirements

Only a licensed pyrotechnician can discharge fireworks. The pyrotechnician must hold public liability insurance of at least $20 million. Read the Discharge of Fireworks Requirements.

You should also check with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) about restrictions on the use of fireworks. This will most likely be the case on total fire ban days.

Temporary structures

Commercial events like festivals or carnivals, and private events like weddings and birthday parties, may have permission to use temporary structures, but must first get approval from Council. These structures must meet Australian standards. Examples of temporary structures include:

  • marquees
  • stages
  • seating
  • amusement rides
  • jumping castles

Part of your event application may require you to have structures inspected by a building surveyor or included as part of a Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) application.


You cannot put up temporary structures on a reserve if you need to use pegs. This is due to possible damage to underground water supplies and sprinkler systems. Weights must be used instead.

NOTE: It is recommended that a minimum of 20kg per leg is provided per marquee. For further information, please consult your marquee manufacturer.

Rides and jumping castles

You must seek approval from Council before you can use amusement activities in a park or public space. Examples of amusement activities include:

  • jumping castles
  • children’s rides
  • mobile zoos

Community Event Signage

If you are planning to hold an event and want to display signage to promote the event, please submit a Community Event Signage application online.

New Community Event Signage Application

Alternatively you can fill out the Community Event Signage application form

Non-community groups (For Profit Organisations) will incur an application payable at the time of submitting the permit application. Fees are only charged when the customer makes the initial permit request.

Fees for Non-Community Group 
Application Fee:  $138.00 (Payable Annually)
Permit Fee:  $138.00

The application fee covers subsequent permit applications lodged for Community Event Signage for that year. A new application fee will be charged annually. 

Contact us

If you would like further information, please call the Events Unit on 9705 5200 or email [email protected].

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