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Our community and location

Our people

We have a very broad range of people and cultures in the City of Casey.

Our growth

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Our location

The City of Casey covers 396.66 sqKm and is divided into 6 wards.

See the history of our ward names.

Invest in Casey

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Our cultures

The City of Casey is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. We have more than 300,000 residents from around 150 different cultural backgrounds.

We are home to:

  • one of the largest number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents in metropolitan Melbourne
  • a high number of residents from refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds
  • residents who speak over 140 different languages
  • residents of more than 120 faiths

Diversity Statement

Before each Council Meeting, the Administrator reads the following Diversity Statement:

“The City of Casey is home to a remarkable diversity of cultures, languages, faiths, identities, landscapes, and stories. From our first Australians to our most recent arrivals and every wave between, the City of Casey welcomes and represents all community members and their respective ambitions to live healthy, rewarding, and happy lives.

These intersecting and overlapping community stories form Casey's collective identity and contribute to its evolving, rich history. We recognise this diversity as our strength and we aim to share, nurture, and celebrate it.”

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