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Order additional bins

You can order extra bins if the ones you have are not enough to manage your waste. The cost of these bins is added to your rates notice.

You must be the owner of the property if you are required to pay for any additional bins.

Order additional bins

Cost of additional bins

You can only purchase 1 extra rubbish, food and garden waste or recycling bin.

Type Annual rates fee Capacity

Rubbish bin

$246 each year

120 litre

Food and garden waste bin

$94 each year

240 litre

Recycling bin $30 each year 240 litre


You will be exempt from the cost of extra bins if you have:

  • 6 or more people in your house (for a rubbish bin only). You must provide proof that 6 or more people live at the residence.
  • a medical condition that means you need to create extra waste. You must provide a medical certificate. 

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