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Obtain a permit

Popular permits
View planning scheme amendments that are currently on exhibition.
If you have a permanent or temporary disability, you may be eligible for a disabled parking permit. You can also apply to renew a permit or replace one that has been lost, stolen or damaged.
You may need a planning permit if you are changing the way your land is used. This can include things like constructing or changing a building, using land in a new way, displaying a sign, subdividing land or removing vegetation. We recommend you talk to us before starting any project in Casey.
About subdivisions. Subdivision permit application steps. Subdivision permit approval process.
Submit a planning enquiry when you need a written response or confirmation from our Planning department.
Copies of previously granted (endorsed) planning permits are available on request.
Find out if you need an Excess Animals and Livestock permit.
Permits to burn on your property and for CFA fire danger periods.
You may need to complete an application if you're intending to build over a drain or sewerage easement that we own.
If you plan to sell food from a stall, marquee, food truck or other mobile or temporary premises, you must register or notify your premises using Streatrader. Our Environmental Health Team can assist with Streatrader queries and give you advice on how to handle food safely.
You may need to make changes to a planning permit that has already been granted, or obtain consent for a variation to the conditions of the permit.
A Site Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is a site specific plan developed to ensure that all necessary environmental protection measures are identified and implemented.
The legal point of discharge is where stormwater from your property discharges into a Council managed drain or the street kerb and channel.

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