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Nuisance cats

A cat can be considered a nuisance if:

  • it repeatedly leaves its owner's property
  • makes a lot of noise
  • litters in neighbouring gardens or children's sandpits

If you are having problems with your neighbour's cat, the first thing you should do is to talk to your neighbour. We find that most issues can be resolved with a friendly chat.

Find out more about how to properly look after a cat.

Make a complaint

If talking to your neighbour doesn't solve the problem, you can make a complaint. To make a complaint:

  1. Notify the owner of the cat in writing that the cat is a nuisance and should be kept away from your property. Include when the cat was in your property, what it is doing, a description of the cat and photos (if available). Please keep a copy of this letter for future reference.
  2. If the written notification doesn't help, you can notify us in writing about the problem. Please include a copy of the initial letter and photos of the cat.
  3. We will issue a Notice to Comply to the cat's owner. This will tell the owner what they need to do to make sure their cat is no longer a nuisance.
  4. If the cat continues to be a nuisance, we can take further action including fines and impounding the cat.

Cat cages

We are temporarily unable to offer cat cages for hire. If you have an urgent problem with a nuisance cat, please contact us.