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Young people and alcohol culture workshops


Live in Cranbourne or Clyde North? Then we would love to hear your thoughts around drinking as we strive to create a positive alcohol culture that supports young people in our community.

Specifically, we are seeking workshop participants in Cranbourne and Clyde North who are:

  • Young people (12 - 25 years old)
  • Parents of young people
  • Key influencers of young people (e.g. sports coaches, grandparents, etc.)

We want all young people in the community to grow up safe and healthy and to reach their full potential. Participants will contribute towards these goals by attending a series of five one-hour online workshops and helping us to create local, positive alcohol culture solutions.

The workshops are free to attend, and participants will receive a $50 Coles/Myer voucher as a token of appreciation.

Bookings close Tuesday 26 May.

For more information about session times and what is required, please email