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Yarn Bombing Event Wraps Up, Leaving a Powerful Message of Support Against Elder Abuse

Yarn bombing team

The City of Casey's Connected Libraries are set to bloom with vibrant colours and heartwarming knitted installations, celebrating the successful conclusion of the yarn bombing Crochet for a Cause event.

Crotchet for a Cause was brought to life on World Elder Awareness Abuse Day June 15 by bringing community members together to learn how to crochet while discussing and recognising the signs of elder abuse. The installations are an Ageing Positively initiative and features as part of the Winter Arts Festival.

Through the collective effort of Casey’s communities who attended the event, over 500 intricately knitted squares were brought to life and adorning the trees at Cranbourne Library. This artistic endeavour symbolises a united front against elder abuse and sends a poignant message of unity and compassion.  

City of Casey Chair of Administrators Noelene Duff PSM emphasised the significance of standing together to combat elder abuse. She highlighted how the yarn bombing event serves as a poignant reminder of our interconnectedness and unwavering commitment to safeguarding the vulnerable members of our community. 

Ms Duff remarked, “Unfortunately, elder abuse a form of family violence is on the rise in Victoria, with a reported 25 per cent increase in criminal incidents against individuals aged 55 and over in the past 12 months.”

“However, these reported figures likely represent only a portion of actual cases, as studies indicate that older communities are less likely to seek help or report incidents.”

Ms Duff underscored the urgent need to educate the community about elder abuse and how to access the necessary support systems. This shared responsibility is crucial for fostering a safer environment for all. The City of Casey extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants and volunteers who made this event possible, with installations soon to be completed at Endeavour Hills and Hampton Park Connected Libraries, expanding the reach of the initiative.

To learn more on how to recognise elder abuse or to access support for yourself or someone you know, please visit Senior Rights Victoria Helpline, Elder Rights Advocacy, Seniors Online Victoria, and the Casey website for more information. If in the case of an emergency or life-threatening situation call Victoria Police on Triple Zero.

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