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Wood heater safety


As the days grow colder many of us are looking at how to stay warm. While staying wrapped up in blankets is toasty — it is not very practical.

A wood heater is a great option, but the smoke can upset your neighbours and pollute the air.

Here are some handy tips to help avoid this:

  • Have the flue cleaned. The build-up of soot can cause fires in the flue and will affect airflow causing smoky fires. 
  • Use dry and seasoned timber to ensure a clean hot burn with minimal smoke. It is too late to dry out green timber that has been cut down recently. 
  • Avoid overloading or shutting off the air intake as it will cause excessive smoke. 

For more information visit the EPA website.  

If you are affected by smoke from a wood heater, speak to your neighbour as they may not be aware of the problem. 

Contact Council’s Environmental Health Team for more information.