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A wild goat chase!


City of Casey Compliance Officers had the challenging job of catching a little kid on the loose in Clyde recently.

However, this little kid wasn’t your regular kind, this little kid had four legs and managed to engage officers in a hard game of ‘catch me if you can’ around Kosciusko Circuit, Clyde. 

Eventually, the cute goat was apprehended however had no identification on it, so Council was unable to reunite him with his owners and he was taken to the Lost Dogs Home in Cranbourne. 

This story has a happy ending though, as soon after ‘Ruari’, as he is now affectionately known, was adopted and paired with fellow goat Joe and they’re now inseparable.  

It was love at first sight for the two and Ruari now follows his new big brothers every hoof step.  

City of Casey Mayor Cr Amanda Stapledon said she was delighted at such a happy ending but reminded animal owners how important it is to register their cats and dogs, and ensure all other animals are wearing identification so they can be reunited with their owners.  

“It is most important to ensure your pets are properly secured, but it is also crucial to ensure your animals, including livestock, are wearing identification so they can be returned to where they belong, if like Ruari, they manage to escape,” the Mayor said.

“It is a state law under the Domestic Animals Act 1994, that all dogs and cats must be registered within the municipal district that they live in. 

“If an animal is registered, every effort will be made to reunite them with the rightful owner, however for animals that are impounded, costs are incurred.”

Compliance Officers can receive up to 20 calls per week about livestock at large, including cows, sheep and goats. 

Cr Stapledon encouraged residents to phone Council if they see stock on the loose, as this can also pose a safety risk to the community, particularly drivers. 

To find out more visit the City of Casey website or phone Council on 9705 5200.