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Warm house, cool neighbours


Many of us still like to heat our homes with wood heaters, but while staying warm inside let’s make sure we don’t smoke our neighbours out.

See below for some handy tips to help avoid this:

  • Use dry and seasoned timber to ensure a clean hot burn with minimal smoke. It’s too late to dry out green timber that has recently been cut down. Source your firewood now before it is in high demand.
  • Have the flue cleaned if you can’t remember it being done. Build-up of soot can cause fires in the flue and will affect air flow causing smoky fires.
  • Avoid overloading or shutting of the air intake as it will cause excessive smoke.

For more information visit the EPA website

If you are affected by smoke from a wood heater, speak to your neighbour first as they may not be aware of the problem.

Contact Council’s Environmental Health Team for more information.