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Update regarding long grass and fallen trees and branches


Mowing and long grass update  
With more than 2,500 parks, reserves and roadsides across Casey, we use three different contractors to maintain these open spaces, which means they are maintained on different service cycles. 
Many of our contractors have unfortunately had ongoing staff shortages due to COVID isolation requirements, and delays importing equipment due to the pandemic affecting supply chains. 
Our contractor who maintains parks in Casey’s central area, which includes Lynbrook, Hampton Park, Narre Warren, Cranbourne, Clyde North, and Cranbourne East, has unfortunately been affected the most. 
Since February 2022 we have adjusted our maintenance schedule in the central area and are approaching other contract providers to fulfill the shortfall where possible. 

Storm clean up   
As mentioned in our previous update, Council received over 5,200 customer requests for storm and tree-related assistance between October and December 2021, which is greater than 50 per cent of the volume of requests that Council received for the entire 2020/21 financial year.   

We currently have 325 job requests outstanding that were received between October and December 2021, and a further 1,350 that were received from the beginning of January 2022.   
While we are not quite back to our usual response times due to this back log, we are continuing to work hard with additional resources. 
We appreciate your patience as we continue working towards a return to our normal maintenance programs. 

Reporting an issue 

If you believe that the situation you originally reported has become more urgent (possibility of causing harm to persons or damage to property) or you’re unsure if the matter has previously been reported to Council, please contact us again and quote your previously issued reference number and our team will review, and action as needed.  

To report an issue, please visit our Report an Issue page.  

We apologise for the delay and appreciate your patience. 

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