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Springtime at Myuna Farm


The days are getting longer, the weather is warming up and at Myuna Farm, that means the arrival of many springtime babies.

While the COVID-19 public health restrictions have meant no visitors at the farm, there’s plenty of work to keep the staff busy and you can take a peek #behindthefarmgate  by checking out the Myuna Farm Facebook page.

Farm Programs Officer, Kate Wilson said staff were looking forward to welcoming visitors back when restrictions ease, but in the meantime there is plenty of farm work keeping everyone busy such as cleaning paddocks, building maintenance and looking after the animals.

“Mornings have been icy, but we have noticed a change in the air. The air smells sweet and, with the explosion of yellow from the wattles blooming along Dandenong Creek,  it can only mean one thing -  spring has sprung,” said Kate.

“And with spring comes baby animals. On 22 August we had two sets of triplets born – one to Mona our Saanen dairy goat and a few hours later, Mona’s mum Sugar, gave birth to another set of triplets.

“Soon after, our male emu, who had been sitting on a clutch of eggs for over 60 days, welcomed two emu chicks to add to our growing brood.

“Ducklings are also appearing and, as our sheep are waddling over for feeds, you can see the little lambs wriggling in their bellies. It won’t be long until we have spring lambs bouncing through the lush green grass.

“We hope you’ll enjoy seeing the photos and videos of all our new arrivals and all the other animals at Myuna Farm and we look forward to having visitors back here soon.”

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