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A ruff night


fireworks, New Years Eve, dogs, lost

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fireworks, New Years Eve, dogs

A big burst of light, a loud bang and crash of an amazing display of fireworks might sound exciting, but not for your furry friend.

Many animals are terrified by fireworks, causing them stress and panic. This often triggers the animal to run away from the loud noises, which can pose a great risk to their safety. 

If fireworks are going to be let off in your area, it is important to be prepared. Make sure you keep your pets safe indoors where possible and ensure they are wearing their current registration tags. It is also important that you have a copy of their microchip details available if they escape.

Each year hundreds of pets escape and are reported missing following fireworks. If your pet escapes or you find a lost animal, phone the City of Casey on 9705 5200 or The Lost Dogs Home Cranbourne on 9702 8055.