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Recycle right over the festive season

After Christmas Waste

The festive season is a time of fun, giving and entertaining and with that also comes lots of additional waste that you might be wondering how to dispose of.

To help you recycle right this festive season, take a look at some of the helpful tips below. Don’t forget, there is also the Recycling and Waste Guide with a handy A-Z reference on our website to guide you on how best to dispose of a range of items from aluminium foil to zip lock bags.

Recyclables for the blue bin

Remember to recycle your paper, including wrapping paper, flattened cardboard boxes, greeting cards, glass bottles and jars, loose metal lids from jars and bottles, steel cans, aluminium cans, trays and foil with food waste removed, hard plastic bottles with lids removed and ice cream tubs.

Casey residents will also notice yellow lids starting to appear on the kerbsiderecycling bins. This is in line with the Victorian Government's requirement to standardise bin lid colour across the state. The new lids will roll out progressively as bins need replacing. Old and damaged bins are all recycled.

Food waste

Figures from Sustainability Victoria show the average Victorian household throws out approximately $2,200 worth of food each year, with Christmas and the new year period the time people throw out the most. Save money and the environment by planning your shopping, making a list and sticking to it and making the most of your leftovers. Food scraps can also go into your dark red food and garden waste bin, but remember, food must be nude! Do not include any packaging with your food waste, including biodegradable bags, as they cannot be processed.

Keep batteries out of bins

A small act like keeping batteries out of your bins makes a big impact on Victoria’s sustainable future. When batteries are put in your household bins, they can cause fires both in your bins and in the trucks that collect them. Instead take them to your local recycling centres to dispose of them.

Bin collections

Bin collections will occur as usual on public holidays, however your bin must be put out the night before as collection may occur earlier than usual.

Oh Christmas tree

To dispose of an artificial or living tree, you can book a free hard waste collection via Council’s website or drop if off at a waste transfer centre. Remember to call ahead to check the fees that will apply. To dispose of a living tree in your garden waste bin, ensure it is cut into small pieces, including the trunk.

Festive decorations

Items like Christmas decorations or bon bons that are a mixture of cardboard, plastic coating, ribbons, glitter and plastic trinkets can be difficult to recycle. Ensure only cardboard goes into your recycling bin and that other items go into the general rubbish.

To find out more visit our website or follow the Green Living in Casey Facebook page.