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Protecting your online security


Council has recently been advised by the Australian Cyber Security Centre that residents of the City of Casey, as well as other local municipalities, are being targeted by cyber security threat actors, otherwise known as hackers.  

Council has made direct contact with the people who have been directly affected. If you have not received communication from Council, then you have not been impacted by this cyber security threat. 

The security of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us. While Council has not directly breached any information, Council urges everyone to be vigilant about any unusual activity relating to their personal information and to take steps to secure their devices.  

A reminder to all residents, the Council will never contact you asking for your password or other sensitive information. 

We recommend you remain vigilant with your online security, specifically: 

  • Be alert to suspicious phone calls, SMS and emails 
  • Regularly update your passwords across all your online services, not re-using passwords  
  • Being alert for any phishing scams that may come to you by phone, post or email 
  • Making sure to verify any communications you receive to ensure they are legitimate 
  • Being careful when opening or responding to texts from unknown or suspicious numbers. 
  • Ensure that your computer or personal device anti-virus software is installed and up to date 

There are a number of resources online that help explain how you can protect your online identity including the Australian Cyber Security Centre and ScamWatch