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There’s no stopping these crossing supervisors!


Rain, hail or shine, the City of Casey’s many school crossing supervisors are out in force each day helping our youngest residents get to school safely. 

This year, seven of Council’s crossing supervisors have clocked up significant service milestone for dedicating 20 years or more to doing this important job every day. They are: 

  • 35 years: Joy Young
  • 30 years: Gillian Beaumont
  • 25 years: Lorna Proctor and Maureen Shortt
  • 20 years: Anita Tyrrell, Reiner Buensch and June Mills

Team Leader School Crossings, Dreena Lawrence Gray, thanked the supervisors for their service and commitment in helping protect children across Casey.   

“School Crossing Supervisors do a wonderful job to maintain safety around schools, and they face many challenges in their day to day role, such as working in all weather conditions and motorists that speed and park illegally,” she said. 

“They are there every day with a smile and it is a remarkable achievement to see them celebrate many years in this role.”

Joy is Council’s longest-serving school crossing supervisor, having started her career after a knock at her front door. 

“I worked at Waltons in Dandenong and when they went broke and shut down it was all over the news,” she said. 

“It was the Shire of Cranbourne back then, and a guy knocked on my door and said, ‘you haven’t got a job after yesterday. Would you do us a favour, we’re short of lollipop ladies, would you come and see if you like it’. I said yes and have stuck with it ever since.”

Joy reflected on a colourful career as a supervisor, from creating special bonds, witnessing the cheeky antics of some children and teenagers and some sad stories over the years. 

She said the best part of the job was the connections you make with local families. 

“There’s kids that I help cross now, whose parents I used to help when they’re were kids,” she said.

“Some people come back as adults and give me something at Christmas which is lovely. There’s so many lovely families I’ve got to know. One lady always brings me a cake every Monday.”

After witnessing some bad driving behaviour over the years, particularly people in a rush to get to school or work, Joy urged all motorists to ensure they’re taking care around crossings to help protect our little residents. 

She said she’s proud of the important job school crossing supervisors do across the community. 

“I really enjoy the role and helping children each day,” she said.