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New Casey Waste Guide out now

Casey Waste Guide

As part of the Victorian Government’s requirement to standardised bin colours across the state, Casey residents will notice bright red bin lids appearing in their neighbourhoods.

The general waste bins in Casey are currently dark green with matching lids but from now on, they'll be dark green with red lids.

The new bins won’t be rolled out everywhere at once. Initially it will only be the bins that need replacing or upgrading that will have a red lid.

You can still put the same things inside this bin - all your household waste that can’t be recycled, upcycled or reused - and when your bin does get replaced, the old one will be recycled too.

If you need to check which items can go into each bin, when your recycling or green collection is, or how to book a hard waste collection, check out the Casey Waste Guide.

The updated guide is now available on Council’s website, as well as a handy A-Z reference that covers everything from aluminium foil to zip lock bags.

While many residents prefer to access this information online, we know others like to keep a paper copy of the guide handy. To request a hard copy, visit our website our contact our Customer Service and we’ll have one sent out to you. The paper copy is no longer automatically sent to all residents.

Check our website for more information on household waste collection in Casey.

You can find more information on standardised household recycling across Victoria on the Victorian Government website. 


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