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Mowing and long grass update


Late last year we had one of the wettest Octobers on record, and with most of our parks and reserves located on low-lying land, it was difficult to keep on top of the grass growth in our open spaces and reserves. 
Now with all the sunny weather the grass is thriving and growing at record heights and thickness. Most of our parks are on a three-week mowing schedule, and the main road reserves are on a five-week schedule. However, our contractors are still running significantly behind schedule due to the wet weather experienced before Christmas. 

To get on top of this growth and to address the backlog, we are utilsing additional resources including engaging four additional contractors while prioritising parks that are most in need.  Maintenance works will also now occur on Saturdays to assist with the backlog.   

With the recent weeks of dry weather, contractors expect to be up-to-date by the end of February.  

Our maintenance team appreciates your patience and are working hard to achieve a consistent service for the community.