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A message from Noelene Duff PSM, Chair of Administrators

Christmas 2022

As we approach the end of another year and head into the holiday season, I would like to wish our Casey community a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. 

This year it has been fantastic to be out and about again, meeting many residents and seeing you enjoy Council events and activities; including the 2022 Casey Community Awards, Casey Kids Carnival, Winter Arts Festival, Casey Cornucopia, Green Living Festival, Casey Pet Expo, the Digital Day Out, Ageing Positively Festival and many more. 

Throughout the year we have celebrated new community facilities opening, as well as the revitalisation of Casey reserves and playgrounds; including the Bernly Gardens Recreational Reserve Development in Berwick, Marriott Waters Recreation Reserve Pavilion Redevelopment in Lyndhurst, and the Casey Safety Village in Cranbourne East. 

As well as hosting the internationally recognised Archibald Prize at Bunjil Place this year, we celebrated many achievements and milestones; including Wilson Botanic Park Berwick’s 30th anniversary, the graduation of our 2022 Community Leadership Program participants, the Shape Your City engagement campaign mid-way check-in and the launch of our Gender Equality and Prevention of Violence Against Women Strategic Plan 2022-2032. 
I would also like to acknowledge our amazing community volunteers who continue to contribute so much. Your commitment and passion for your community is so inspiring and on behalf of Council we thank you for your work.  

I encourage all residents to discover what Casey has to offer this summer, to connect and support our local community and businesses.  

I look forward to what the new year brings and wish you all a bright and prosperous 2023.  

Thank you.