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Meet Green Living In Casey Champions Thara Prakash & her family


The City of Casey's Green Living in Casey Champions help promote sustainable living by sharing their green living stories and tips. 
This month, we welcome Green Living in Casey Champion Thara Prakash and her family.
Thara grew up in India on a small farm with her grandparents, where they grew a lot of their own food and re-used everything – nothing was wasted. 

After moving to Australia, Thara and her family first lived in a rental house so they were unable to grow their own food and they were shocked to see how much packaging was used in supermarkets.

Since buying their own home in the City of Casey, the Prakash family installed solar panels and planted vegetable gardens, and now avoid buying packaged items as much as possible. Their kerbside rubbish bin now only goes out every 12 weeks on average. 

To ensure they recycle and dispose of items correctly the family set up a ‘confused’ box for rubbish, in case a family member wasn’t sure which bin the item should go into.

Their solar panels have saved them money, and they pay no electricity bills for most of the year. 

Their veggie patch has also saved them money and allows them to grow some of their favourite foods, including ones they grew up with in India, but can’t find in Australian supermarkets. 

All of their vegetable and fruit scraps go into their compost bin and then back into the veggie patch to help create nutrient rich soil.

The Prakashs' also purchase many things secondhand, and their children enjoy playing with hand-me-down toys.

Thara sees the vegetable garden as her meditation, “I can quietly watch a bee go from flower to flower, watching its progress, and this is mindfulness right here.” 

They have learned a lot from the Green Living in Casey Facebook group, and it’s allowed them to see that there are other local families like them trying to live a more sustainable life.

Prakash’s top three green living tips:

  • People should grow food "the joy of eating from your garden is wonderful.”
  • Set realistic expectations of what Green Living goals you can achieve – if you try to overhaul your life in one go, it’s too hard and you will give up. Be realistic about what you can change, and then go from there.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that small changes won’t make a difference – if everyone is making small changes, they all add up to big changes.

Interested in becoming a Green Living in Casey Champion?  
Whether you are just starting your green living journey, are a keen composter or gardener, or work hard to reduce your waste – if you are committed to sustainable living we would love to hear your story. 

By sharing your sustainable living story and tips you will help others in our community live their best sustainable life, which will go on to help our environment. 
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