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Meet Green Living In Casey Champion Mariella


The City of Casey's Green Living in Casey Champions help promote sustainable living by sharing their green living stories and tips. 
This month we welcome Green Living in Casey Champion Mariella Kennedy, who has been reducing her environmental impact and waste in small steps for a few years now, and now only needs to put her rubbish bin out once every ten months!

Mariella sews herself reusable sanitary pads and is amazed at how much money she used to spend on them prior to switching to reusable ones. Shopping for secondhand items only when she needs them, Mariella often reflects on the past when people didn't need that many different clothes.

All these changes did not happen over night for Mariella, she made small changes one by one, and feels that is a great way forward so that the changes aren't overwhelming. 

Mariella’s top three Green Living Tips are:

  1. Start simple and easy. Don’t try to tackle anything too big immediately.
  2. Separate your rubbish properly.
  3. Always question if you need something new, ask "do I really need it, and can I get it secondhand?"

Interested in becoming a Green Living in Casey Champion?  
Whether you are just starting your green living journey, are a keen composter or gardener, or work hard to reduce your waste – if you are committed to sustainable living we would love to hear your story. 
By sharing your sustainable living story and tips you will help others in our community live their best sustainable life, which will go on to help our environment.  Find out more and apply now. 
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