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Meet Green Living in Casey Champion Christine Micah


The City of Casey's Green Living in Casey Champions help promote sustainable living by sharing their green living stories and tips.

This month we welcome Green Living in Casey Champion Christine Micah.

For Christine, green living was just something she had always been a part of. Growing up on a farm in Gippsland, she always had respect for the environment around her. This year, however, she’s finally had time and the desire to take the next step and promote green living to others.

After seeing the outcomes of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and the State of the Environment Report, Christine felt compelled to start talking to others about environmental issues. She started talking to friends and family, and then extended it to some parents at her children’s school. She found that the people she spoke to were generally receptive to her suggestions on easy ways to reduce waste and how to reduce their overall environmental impacts.

Christine has now formed a local Casey-Cardinia group — Australian Parents for Climate Action (AP4CA). She has run some family-friendly get togethers for people to learn and connect in a fun and relaxed environment, and discuss ways to reduce their impact. Some members of the group are now wanting to take the next step and start writing letters and emails to relevant government members and companies.

At home, Christine focuses on reducing waste, trying to grow her own vegetables (with varying success).

Some benefits of the work Christine has been doing with AP4CA has been meeting new people she otherwise wouldn’t have. She now feels like she’s part of the solution rather than feeling paralysed by thinking the problem was too big.

Christine’s three top tips for people starting their green living journey are:

  1. Find your people/community/tribe – those who are at the same point of understanding about climate change and other issues that you are at.
  2. Find people who inspire you, that you can learn from. Real people, online people, podcasts.
  3. Just start. Do one tiny positive thing today, then build up to lots of tiny things, keep a record of what you’ve achieved. Doing something huge can be too hard and overwhelming. Lots of little things are a good way to keep it manageable.

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Whether you are just starting your green living journey, are a keen composter or gardener, or work hard to reduce your waste — if you are committed to sustainable living we would love to hear your story.

By sharing your sustainable living story and tips, you will help others in our community live their best sustainable life, which will go on to help our environment.

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