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Major strategies now available for the community to have their say


Throughout 2020 and 2021, the City of Casey has undertaken significant community engagement, to gauge the thoughts and ideas from our community on topics such as transport, the local environment, infrastructure and much more, as we plan for the future of Casey.   

The Shape Your City engagement program was Council’s largest ever community engagement undertaking and saw more than 6,000 people share their thoughts, ideas and feedback on various topics, providing a foundation for the Council Plan 2021-25, and Long-Term Community Vision 2031.   

Earlier in 2021, Council officially adopted the Council Plan and Vision, which set out the future direction, priorities and aspirations for the city, as determined by our community. 

As we now begin the roll-out of these important strategic documents, and to give our community another opportunity to have their say on matters impacting their community, the City of Casey is developing four more strategic documents, that provide further insight and a closer look into some of the major areas that influence the liveability of our municipality.  

The four strategic documents, which will be on public exhibition from Wednesday 25 August until Monday 13 September are the:  

  • Infrastructure Strategy  
  • Economic Development Strategy  
  • Health and Wellbeing Strategy 
  • Environment Strategy   

City of Casey Chair of Administrators Noelene Duff PSM said that this next round of community engagement will build upon previous consultation, including lengthy deliberative engagement, which was conducted with a cross-section of the community to find out exactly what people want to see across a range of areas.  

“These strategies bring to life much of the feedback that we have received over the last 12 months, which is why it is important for our community to tune into these documents and see how their thoughts and ideas have come to life,” Ms Duff said. 

“We’ve used our residents’ feedback along with key data to build these strategies, which tackle some of the major challenges and opportunities that face our city today, and into the future. 

“Our residents’ input is invaluable and helps ensure Council is planning for and meeting the needs of the people who matter most.

“These strategies also take a big step toward achieving our Vision, which is “to become a more connected, bold and resilient community.” 

To view these and have your say, visit Casey Conversations.  

Health and Wellbeing Strategy: 

Council’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy sets the direction for an inclusive, healthy, and connected community, providing a framework for targeted responses to key health challenges facing the City of Casey.

This document is important for all Casey residents to view and is a fantastic opportunity to help shape the future of health and wellbeing in Casey.   

It sets out how Council will work in direct partnership with the community and local service providers, to support positive health and wellbeing across the community, and address barriers to access for community members.   

Economic Development Strategy: 

Council’s Economic Development Strategy sets out the future direction for economic development in the City of Casey.  

The intention of this strategy is to build a resilient local economy with quality jobs. It seeks to diversify industries, grow new and emerging sectors, embed a culture of innovation, invest in workforce development and create the stronger connections and places that will allow our businesses and workers to thrive.

This strategy identifies Council’s role in economic development and outlines key strategic objectives and strategies that guide how Council can confront the current and emerging conditions.   

This strategy is key for both local business people and the broader community, as we aim to best position the city for years to come.   

Infrastructure Strategy:  

The City of Casey has developed the Infrastructure Strategy to ensure our infrastructure meets the current and future needs of our communities.  

The purpose of this strategy is to provide direction around how Council will plan, develop, partner, facilitate, and fund infrastructure in the future.  

We have already heard from our community that you want enhanced community connections, both physically through our roads and paths, but also through an environment that encourages social and cultural connection, so whether you’re someone who drives to work every day, enjoys a weekend walk or ride, sends your children to one of our community centres or plays sport at a local recreation reserve, we want your input.  

Environment Strategy:  

Our natural and local environment is of utmost importance and growing and emerging issues related to the future of the environment are now at the forefront of many people’s minds.  

 The City of Casey’s Environment Strategy sets out how we plan to achieve the third objective of our Council Plan 2021-25, which is 'to foster environmentally sustainable practices and work towards being climate ready (resilient)'.   

In developing this strategy, Council intends to place Casey in a better position to deal with some of the major issues facing our environment now, and into the future.   

It will guide Council’s future direction for environmental sustainability over the next four years, and ensure Council is well equipped to approach the challenges, and manage our changing environment in a resilient, effective, and cohesive way.  

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