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Joan Phillips Reserve carpark closing

Joan Phillips Reserve carpark

The Joan Phillips Reserve carpark, located on Hallam North Road in Endeavour Hills, will be permanently closed in early June, to counter anti-social and illegal behaviour at the site.

The car park was established by Council to provide parking for recreational and equestrian (horse float) user access to the reserve, although data shows it has rarely been used for this purpose.

With its elevated position, the site has since become an unofficial lookout spot, attracting a significant number of vehicles and visitors to the area who come to enjoy the view.

As the popularity of the spot has grown, the carpark is often full, leading to cars illegally parking on the shoulder of Hallam North Road in the evenings, creating a traffic hazard.

Although a rubbish bin has been provided in the carpark, litter has been a growing issue at the site, as is anti-social and illegal behaviour.

City of Casey Chief Executive Officer, Glenn Patterson said Council has installed signs in the area to advise that parking on the road shoulder is not permitted, as well as ‘No Standing’ signs in the carpark during the evening hours to curb nuisance behaviour.

“Unfortunately, the signs have had no impact on visitor behaviour in the area and following ongoing discussions with surrounding residents who have been adversely affected by anti-social behaviour and dangerous parking in the area, we have made the decision to close the carpark,” Mr Patterson said.

“We also remind people to observe the `No Standing’ signs along Hallam North Road – they are there for the safety of all road users and pedestrians accessing the reserve. Council and Victoria Police will continue to monitor the area to ensure illegal parking does not occur.”

Joan Phillips Reserve remains open for recreational users and there are multiple pedestrian access points to the reserve from a range of other locations.

Council is also reviewing other parking locations that abut Joan Phillips Reserve to determine whether any additional work is required to support recreational and equestrian access in those areas.

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