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Home pool, spa and air-conditioner noise


When summer hits, noise generated by home pools, spas and air-conditioners can lead to cranky neighbours.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy your home without upsetting the locals:

  • Get to know your neighbours. Talk to them about your use of pumps and air-conditioners so they know you have considered how these noises might affect them.
  • Try not to run your pool, spa or air-conditioner too early in the morning or late at night.
  • Set up timers for your pool or spa pumps to ensure they only run as required; this will also save on power costs.
  • Have your pumps and air-conditioning units regularly serviced.
  • If you are installing or replacing a pool, spa or air-conditioner, think carefully about where you place the motor unit or pump.

If you have a noise complaint about a neighbour, you should take appropriate steps to resolve the matter before contacting Council. For further advice and information about these issues, visit the noise restrictions page.