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High contamination rates in Casey’s recycling bins


The City of Casey is encouraging residents to put the correct items in their recycling bins, after a recent audit on recycling collections identified a significant increase in the contamination rate. 

Conducted in May 2021, the audit’s contamination rate reached 45 per cent, which is almost a 20 per cent increase since the previous audit conducted in March 2020. 

If the contamination rate continues at these levels, it is predicted to cost Council and the community an extra $1.6 million per year, due to the resources required to sort the rubbish from the clean recycling and to send it to landfill.

The most common contaminants identified in the audit included household rubbish, bagged recycling, soft plastics, plastic bags, electronics, clothing and textiles, polystyrene and building materials.

City of Casey Chair of Administrators Noelene Duff PSM said the audit findings are disappointing and is asking residents to check what they are putting into their recycling bins. 

“Unfortunately, the findings in this recent audit means Council is required to redirect finances to cover the costs of sorting and disposing of the items,” Ms Duff Said.

“To reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, Council is committed to ensuring recyclable materials are effectively processed and turned into new materials, but to do this, we need everyone to recycle right.

“If the high contamination rate continues, Council may need to review the waste collection service charge.” 

By putting the right items into the recycling bin, residents will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, and lessens the impact on the local environment.

Residents are encouraged to support their friends, families and neighbours who may need extra assistance to recycle right. 

To help residents recycle right, Council is providing a range of information and resources including the 2021/22 Waste and Recycling Guide, as well as a new online Waste Disposal Directory search tool, both of which will be available to residents early August

For tips on reducing waste, residents can visit Council’s website, join the Green Living In Casey Facebook Group or sign up to Council’s Green Living in Casey e-newsletter. 

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