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Green Living in Casey Champion Jack Donkers

Young man next to a vegetable garden giving the thumbs up.

The City of Casey's Green Living in Casey Champions help promote sustainable living by sharing their green living stories and tips.

This month we welcome Green Living in Casey Champion Jack Donkers.

Jack’s journey wasn’t initially planned to be an environmental one. He started out his tertiary studies in the field of mechanical engineering, and discovered that he hated it! He decided to complete an outdoor education internship to learn more about the environment. It was then he realised this was the direction he wanted to take. He changed his path to study ecology and conservation and completed the Green Steps program at Monash University.

At home, the Manningham Council Environmental Projects Officer and his wife have made many changes. They have been trying to maintain their clothing and other items, repairing or mending as they can, rather than disposing of items and buying new ones. Their bin system at home includes recycling, organics, clothing, batteries, soft plastics and small e-waste.

They have been trying to source local foods, as well as grow their own, and are proud of their compost bin and worm farm. They buy second-hand where possible, and are focusing on the importance of REDUCE in the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle waste hierarchy.

Jack’s top three tips for people starting their green living journey are:

  1. Have a garden. Grow healthy food and compost your food waste to feed your garden.
  2. Soft plastics are easy to recycle. All you need to do is separate them — and if they stay in your car for a while, that okay as they don’t go off!
  3. Know where the different recycling collection hubs are. Officeworks has heaps of options. Learn what does and doesn’t go into your recycling and garden waste bins and look for alternatives for other items.

Interested in becoming a Green Living in Casey Champion?
Whether you are just starting your green living journey, are a keen composter or gardener or work hard to reduce your waste — if you are committed to sustainable living, we would love to hear your story.

By sharing your sustainable living story and tips, you will help others in our community live their best sustainable life, which will go on to help our environment.

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