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Ensure your pool is summer ready


As the temperature continues to rise, swimming pools across the City of Casey will be getting good use this summer. 

Council is reminding pool owners of the importance of ensuring their pool is clean and ready for swimming before diving in to cool off. 

It is important that the water in your pool is clean and has the right chemical levels to ensure harmful germs and chemicals will not cause health problems, such as ear, nose and throat infections. 

Also, pools that are left to go ‘green’ may become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. So, if you don’t plan to swim in your pool you will need to treat it in some way to prevent a mosquito problem.

Council is encouraging pool owners to take the following steps regularly throughout the warmer months:

  • Clean your pool by removing sticks, leaves, insects and other debris and vacuuming and brushing the walls and steps.
  • Make sure your filtration equipment is operating properly. Backwashing your pool will help clean your filter.
  • Add the required dose of chemicals and check to ensure the water quality is right.

It is also important that you remind anyone using the pool to practice good hygiene before swimming to help prevent contamination and make sure germs that make others sick aren’t spread in pool water.

For further tips and advice on keeping your pool clean visit the Better Health Channel website

If you have concerns about mosquitoes breeding in a neighbour’s pool, speak to your neighbour first or contact Council’s Environmental Health Team on 9705 5200 to investigate the matter.