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Ensure your home pool or spa is registered

summer pool safety

Home pools and spas can be dangerous for children with around four child-drowning deaths recorded in Victoria each year and many more incidents of near-drownings.

To help improve backyard pool and spa safety, and reduce the number of drowning accidents that happen, the State Government introduced new laws in 2019 requiring all home pools and spas to be registered with Council.

If you have installed a new pool or spa, or have not yet registered your existing pool or spa, check Council’s website to learn more about the safety laws for pool and spa owners and how to register.

The registration rules apply to pools and spas that can hold more than 300mm (30cm) of water and include:

  • In-ground pools
  • Above ground pools
  • Indoor pools
  • Spa pools
  • Relocatable, temporary or inflatable pools and spas that are capable of holding more than 300mm of water and are up for more than three consecutive days.

You only need to register your pool or spa once and there is a one-off registration fee that is set by the Victorian Government. Property owners must, however, have regular inspections of their pool or spa safety barriers.

Owners of existing pools (constructed before 1 November 2020) will also need a Certificate of Compliance, which can be obtained after inspection by a registered building surveyor or inspector. The certificate must state that the safety barrier complies with its applicable construction standard and be lodged with Council.

To find out more, check our website.