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Enjoy a safe summer season

Keep safe

With summer now here, we all welcome the longer days and the warmer weather it brings. It’s important to be prepared to protect yourself and your family so you can enjoy a safe summer season.  

Travel tips  
Surfing, camping, hiking or perhaps taking a day trip? If you are planning to enjoy Victoria over summer, make sure your plans include being bushfire ready and safe when you travel.  

Victoria is facing a hot and dry summer. Follow these tips to stay informed:  

  • Check Fire Danger Ratings for your journey and destination and make sure you've packed an emergency kit for your car. Be prepared to change plans on Extreme or Catastrophic-rated days. 

  • Monitor local conditions and follow official warnings and advice. Listen to local ABC radio, download the VicEmergency app, bookmark and save the VicEmergency hotline (1800 226 226) into your mobile phone.    

For more information on travelling throughout summer, visit 

Bushfire safety at home 
It’s important to plan and prepare for bushfires near your home. Did you know the most common way houses catch fire is from embers? Embers are burning pieces of bark, leaves or twigs that can get into small spaces and start a new fire. 

Prepare your property by cleaning gutters, having a well-maintained garden and keeping your grass cut to less than 10cm. 

Sign up to MyCFA on the CFA website to get local information on how to plan and prepare for fires and other emergencies in your area. 

For more information, visit 

Fire Danger Period  
The Fire Danger Period for the City of Casey will start on Monday 18 December. During the Fire Danger Period, Council issued permits to burn are not valid. To learn more about what you can and can’t do during the Fire Danger Period and on days of Total Fire Ban, visit

Heat health 
It’s important to plan ahead and consider how you can look after yourself and others when the extreme heat hits.  

There are simple things you can do to stay safe in the heat: 

  • Drink plenty of water — always take a bottle with you.   

  • Plan ahead. Schedule activities in the coolest part of the day and avoid exercising in the heat.   

  • If you must go out, wear a hat and sunscreen and always take a bottle of water with you.  

  • Hot cars kill. Never leave kids, adults or pets in hot cars. The temperature inside a parked car can double within minutes.  

  • Keep cool. Seek out air-conditioned buildings, draw your blinds, use a fan, take cool showers and dress in light and loose clothing made from natural fabrics.  

  • Help others. Look after those most at risk in the heat — your neighbour living alone, the elderly, the young, people with a medical condition and don’t forget your pets.  

If you or anyone you know feels unwell on a hot day, call NURSE-ON-CALL on 1300 606 024 or call Triple Zero (000) in an emergency.  

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Thunderstorm asthma  
Grass pollen season brings an increase in asthma and hay fever. During the season, which runs from 1 October to 31 December, a high grass pollen count and a certain type of thunderstorm can also trigger thunderstorm asthma.  

For people with asthma or hay fever, especially those who experience wheezing or coughing with their hay fever, thunderstorm asthma can be sudden, serious and even life threatening. Protect yourself this pollen season and speak to your pharmacist or doctor today.  

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Water safety   
Most of us love a good splash or swim in the warmer months, but every year people — children and adults — are injured or killed in drowning or accidents around water.   
According to the 2023 Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report, between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023, 281 people lost their lives to drowning — 59 of those occurred in Victoria.  
This summer, remember to look out for each other and enjoy the water safely:  

  • Be aware of changing conditions  

  • Avoid going in the water alone  

  • Supervise children at all times. Keep watch and keep them within arms reach  

  • Wear a lifejacket when on a boat   

  • Avoid alcohol when swimming.   

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Beat the Bite   
Warm and wet weather can mean more mosquito biting and breeding, including the ones that can carry diseases that make you sick. Here are some simple steps to help protect you and your family from mosquito bites:  

  1. Cover up. Wear long, loose fitting clothing because mosquitoes can bite through tight fitting clothing.   

  1. Use effective mosquito repellents containing DEET or picaridin on all exposed skin.  

  1. Install flywire screens on all windows and self-closing wire screens on doors.   

  1. Make sure mosquitoes can't breed around your property by regularly removing stagnant water. This includes in flowerpots, tyres, buckets, tins, bird baths, children’s wading pools and pet bowls.  

  1. Empty children’s wading pools when not being used and keep fishponds stocked with fish.   

  1. Limit outdoor activity at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.  

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