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Emergence and Evolution: Learning from the Pandemic


Learn how COVID-19 has impacted the community services and social services sectors at Emergence and Evolution, a FREE online mini-conference hosted by the City of Casey and Women’s Health in the South East.

Emergence and Evolution will showcase the experience of our workers in the social services sector in Southern Melbourne, amplifying their voices as they highlight stories of how COVID-19 has impacted the delivery of services.

The event will also focus on providing policy owners, colleagues and the wider community the opportunity to witness the innovation and tenacity that has been demonstrated during the pandemic by workers in our community sectors.

Organisers hope that this conference will present opportunities for those on the front line to share common ground and to harness valuable insights from those with lived experience responding to crises in the community.  

Emergence and Evolution also aims to provide an ethnographic record for future emergency planning by highlighting lessons learned in this time of crisis and change, including what support needs to be provided to workers and community service teams in similar scenarios. 

Emergence and Evolution is happening on 24 November 2021, from 10 am to midday. Book online for FREE now.

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