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Council trials Noise App for customer complaints


City of Casey Mayor Cr Amanda Stapledon has welcomed the initial results of the Noise App, which the Council is trialing, while also reminding residents that this should not be the first resort when making a complaint of this nature. 

Council started the trial at the beginning of this year to help officers investigate noise complaints more efficiently and determine if the complaint is a matter that Council has the authority to investigate before taking further action.

It also provides an easier mechanism for people who are already making a noise complaint to lodge these.

To use the app, users must download it to their phone and can then record 30 second sound grabs, with the date, time and location also captured.

This information is then submitted from the user’s phone via the app, and Council officers are notified via a desktop version of the app, as well as through email. 

Since commencing the trial, 104 noise cases have been reported to Council via the app, as well as 414 sound recordings through 157 public users. 

Council investigates certain types of noise complaints, such as the use of loud equipment including amplifiers, power tools and air conditioners during certain times, or those relating to animals, such as dogs barking and roosters crowing. However, it cannot investigate matters such as children playing, loud voices or shouting. 

Cr Stapledon said while the app allows officers to gain a more accurate snapshot of the noise issues in question, she encouraged residents, if they’re comfortable, to speak to their neighbours first. 

“While this app is a wonderful initiative for us to trial, I would encourage Casey residents that if they’re comfortable doing so, to have a conversation with their neighbour first about any concerning noise issues,” she said.

“Quite often people might not realise that the sound from their house is causing so much disruption, so I would urge people to have that conversation first before lodging a complaint with us.

“If a complaint is lodged, our officers will investigate and take any necessary action, where appropriate.”

Council will continue to trial the app until January 2020. 

This technology is designed to help make things easier for our residents, and in keeping with being a smart city and becoming Australia’s most liveable city.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Stapledon with the Noise App