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Council statement on Operation Sandon, IBAC investigation


The City of Casey is the second-largest municipality in Victoria and the fourth fastest-growing in the country.

With a population of 356,300 and 176 new families moving here every month, the City determines about 1,130 planning applications every year.

We remain committed to ensuring the highest standards of integrity and probity as we manage the rapid growth and development of our city.

The City of Casey is fully cooperating with the IBAC investigation and welcomes the hearings in the public interest.

We will work with the IBAC and implement the recommendations of the Commission.

Given this is an ongoing investigation we will not be providing ongoing commentary during the hearings.

For more information visit the IBAC website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the status of councillors while on a leave of absence?
Councillors on a leave of absence may continue to be a councillor.

Under what circumstances can Council grant a councillor a leave of absence?
Council is required to consider and grant requests for leave of absences under section 66B of the Local Government Act 1989.

Do councillors on a leave of absence continue to receive their councillor allowance?
Yes, this is following the provisions of the Local Government Act 1989.

Who is paying the legal bills for councillors appearing before IBAC?
Under the Local Government Act 1989 - Sect 76 Indemnity provisions, Council is required to cover the legal fees of councillors and staff, through our insurer, provided they have carried out their roles and responsibilities as a councillor or council officer in good faith. Where a councillor or council officer has been found to not have acted in good faith, Council’s insurer will not cover the legal fees and it would be up to the individual councillor or council officer to cover their own legal costs.

My ward councillors aren’t responding, why aren’t they doing their job?
Councillors are continuing to serve their local community though they might be less available as they are prioritising their support to the IBAC hearings. If you have urgent enquiries related to council services, please direct these to Customer Service for action.