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Council to continue renewal of Beaconsfield Avenue of Honour

Avenue of Honour Berwick

The City of Casey will soon start the third and final phase of a tree renewal project along the Beaconsfield Avenue of Honour to ensure this memorial to our local war heroes lives on.

Casey is home to seven Avenues of Honour, which were planted to commemorate the contribution and sacrifices made by local volunteers in World War I, as well as stand as living memorials to those who served in the wars that followed.

After it was identified that many of the trees along the Beaconsfield Avenue of Honour, which runs along High Street, Berwick, were in poor or declining condition, Council began preparations to undertake a proactive removal and replacement project at the site. Council took cuttings from the original Avenue trees back in 2015 and, with the help of a specialised nursery, propagated replacement trees of the same genus and species.

Once the cuttings grew into established trees of about four-five metres in height, they have then been used to replace the trees in declining condition during the different phases of the project. The original trees, (Poplar x Canadensis), were planted over 80 years ago and have performed well in an urban environment however, many have reached the end of their useful life in an urban landscape.

Council has already removed and replaced 67 trees along the Avenue over the past few years and, following its success, is now preparing to start the final phase which will involve the removal and replacement of a further 26 trees.

Works are expected to start on 31 October and take about two weeks to complete. There may be some minimal traffic disruptions while works take place between 9.30 am and 3.00 pm. 

The Berwick RSL and the Beaconsfield Progress Association have acknowledged their support for this project and welcomed Council undertaking the renewal to ensure the long-term conservation of this memorial.

The names of the 65 servicemen honoured along the Avenue are on plaques at the corner of Old Princes Highway and Beaconsfield Emerald Road. 

The Beaconsfield Progress Association developed a great publication, Beaconsfield Avenue of Honour Servicemen Remembered, which features information about each of the 65 soldiers. This can be viewed on their website and is also available from Beaconsfield Progress Association and the National Trust Shop, Pioneers Park, Berwick. 

To find out more about the project, contact Council’s Urban Forest team by emailing [email protected].

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