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Council celebrates cultural diversity


The City of Casey has celebrated its rich multiculturalism by honouring three local community groups with a plaque each on the Wall of Global Friendships.

The wall celebrates and acknowledges Casey’s cultural diversity and features a collection of inscribed plaques from local multicultural groups that have settled in or contribute to Casey’s rich culture.

The feature, located at Balla Balla Community Centre, recognises the contribution of various local groups, promotes friendships and goodwill between Casey’s cultural groups, provides a meeting place for ceremonies and other special occasions, and provides a unique outdoor community space.

On Saturday 28 April, the Cultural Historical Association of Rodriguans and Mauritians in Victoria (C.H.A.R.M), The Indian Federation Association of Victoria and The Spanish Widows each had a plaque unveiled that was dedicated to their group.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Geoff Ablett acknowledged the groups as well as their remarkable contributions.

“It’s groups such as these that give members of our community a sense of belonging, and an opportunity to take pride in their culture and the diversity that they bring to Casey,” he said.

C.H.A.R.M showcases the heritage of the Mauritius and Rodrigues people through hosting and coordinating festivals, and represents and liaises on behalf of people who have migrated from Mauritius and Rodrigues.

The Indian Federation Association of Victoria brings together the regional, cultural and lingual Indian groups under one umbrella and in 2004 it established the Indian Welfare Resource Centre, which offers counselling services for new migrants and victims of violence.

The Spanish Widows is a not for profit organisation that supports people with a disability and the elderly, who speak Spanish as a first language. The organisation assists in connecting people with various service providers, including skill development training providers and job networks.

Cr Ablett congratulated the groups on their dedication and commitment to their culture, which he described as exemplary.

“Casey boasts more than 150 cultures, and the Wall of Global Friendships demonstrates our ability to work cohesively to maintain a harmonious and welcoming community for all to be a part of,” he said.