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Minister for Local Government appoints Administrator to City of Casey.

Community feedback invited on plan to tackle graffiti


Casey residents are invited to have a say on graffiti issues in their local area, with the new Graffiti Management Plan currently being developed and open for public comment.

Illegal graffiti can be a costly and complex issue for Council. While some street art is embraced by the community, illegal graffiti damages property, contributes to a perception that an area is unsafe, may encourage anti-social behaviour, and ultimately costs ratepayers to remove it.

For many years the City of Casey has been a leader in Local Government for its approach to graffiti management, and the development of the Graffiti Management Plan will ensure the program continues to meet the expectations of our community into the future.

The Graffiti Management Plan takes a holistic approach to tackling graffiti at every stage from community education to eradication, and includes enforcement of anti-graffiti laws, engineering of spaces to deter graffiti, and consideration of legal street art and beautification to act as a deterrent.

Council is also working to raise awareness about its free graffiti removal program, the laws prohibiting the supply of aerosol spray paint to minors, and encouraging residents to report graffiti as soon as it appears. 
Reporting graffiti is easy and can be done online at or by calling 9705 5200. In most cases, Council can remove graffiti free of charge from public and private places in one business day (conditions apply).

To have your say, fill in the survey at