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Collison Estate to share their aspirations

aerial imagery of collison estate

In a sea of unprecedented growth, landowners in a pocket of Cranbourne East had opted to maintain their property’s rural character. Years later, the upcoming draft Collison Estate Development consultation is set to find out if sentiment among landowners has changed.  
The consultation opportunity asks landowners to share their aspirations for their land by making comment on the proposed draft Collison Estate Development Plan, created in collaboration with Council and the landowner group who represent the Collison Estate Committee.   
The draft Collison Estate Development Plan provides for a multitude of future uses, including: 

  • residential, 
  • a local activity centre, 
  • a community centre, 
  • non-residential uses in a residential zone, and  
  • open space networks which have been informed by background reports.  

City of Casey CEO Glenn Patterson is eager to understand current sentiment among landowners in the Estate.  
“Despite Collison Estate being a part of the initial Cranbourne East Precinct Structure Plan in 2010, some residents were not in favour of developing their land at the time and so the Estate was not included in the gazetted Precinct Structure Plan.  
“But years later, it seems sentiment may have changed following a renewed push for development from some landowners.  
“This consultation will allow Council to better understand how current landowners feel about developing their land and the best way that we can support them” said Mr Patterson.   
The consultation opened to the Collison Estate landowners on 29 April 2022 and will close on 23 June 2022.  

For more information on Collison Estate, including the proposed draft Development Plan and proposed draft Development Contribution Plan, please visit 

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