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City of Casey submission on MAV Rules of Association


In November 2021, the Municipal Association of Victoria Board released a Discussion Paper announcing a review of its Rules of Association.

Some of the key aspects focussed on in the Discussion paper seek to ensure that MAV rules are:  

  • Modern, clear and widely understood  
  • Address oversights and unintended consequences  
  • Better enable the MAV to fulfil its role and function  
  • Respond to principles or a framework that supports the MAV  
  • Provide sound arrangements to elect and support the Board  
  • Provide sound arrangements to elect and support the President  
  • Enable the State Council to be an effective forum for creating Local Government policy. 

The review is being conducted in three phases: Discussion Paper, Directions Paper and Decision Making, with the outcome to be determined at the MAV State Council meeting in September 2022.

The City of Casey has lodged a submission responding to the proposed changes, which can be viewed on Council’s website

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