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Check your pet registration is up to date


To ensure your pet can be returned to you if it becomes lost and that you are being charged the correct registration fees, it is important to check that your pet’s registration details are up to date.

If your cat or dog is aged over three months, it needs to be registered.

Animal registration renewal notices are sent out in March each year, however before that happens, it is important that pet owners check their details are correct.

You will need to update your details if ownership of a pet has been transferred to another person, your contact details have changed, you have acquired a new pet, or your pet has been desexed.

If you have you recently had to farewell your pet through illness or old age, you may also be eligible for a refund.

Some of the services your registration fees enable Council to provide include:

  • help to reunite pets with their owners if they are lost
  • education programs on responsible pet ownership including road shows and events, our Maternal and Child Health Centre’s “We Are Family” program, and education in schools on safety around animals
  • investigating dog attacks, puppy farms and prosecuting offending owners.

Pet registration fees also go towards helping Council manage over one hectare of dog parks across Casey.

To check your current registration details, change your details or to register a new pet, visit our website.