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Building for today, focusing on tomorrow – continuing to create Australia’s most liveable city


The City of Casey is inviting the community to have its say on the 2018-19 Draft Budget – a budget which delivers for the Casey community of today, while focusing on a future serving 500,000 residents.

At its Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 8 May, Council adopted the draft budget for community consultation along with the Draft Revised Council Plan 2017-21.

Despite the challenges of the cumulative impact of rate capping, faster than forecast growth and the global recycling crisis, this year’s draft budget continues Council’s strong investment in services and the projects that support the community. It includes:

  • A $121.2m Capital Works Program which delivers on the second year of the four-year plan focused on creating Australia’s most liveable city.
  • A rates increase of 2.25% in line with the rate cap, with the waste charge rising by just $28, among the
    lowest of any Victorian Council.

City of Casey Mayor Cr Geoff Ablett said while rising costs and demand for services were beyond Council’s control, Casey was well positioned to limit the impact on residents while continuing to invest in the projects the community needs.

“This is a draft budget our residents can be proud of. It supports the delivery of services to the Casey community by investing in $121.2m of infrastructure for our new and growing communities, as well as renewing facilities in our established suburbs,” he said.

“It also continues to invest in Council’s digital transformation so we can leverage technology, innovation and data to meet the demands of our large and growing city into the future.

“However, this year’s budget is also a window into the future in which the cumulative pinch of rate capping is clear.

“It represents a tipping point where the future will be characterised by the increasingly difficult job of bridging the gap between the infrastructure and services the community expect and what Council can afford to deliver.”

The Mayor warned that through the development of the budget, it has become clear Council can’t continue to deliver the current levels of services and investment under the current funding model.

He said future budgets will be calculated under a cloud of considering reducing or even ceasing services as the cumulative weight of rate capping bites, hitting growing communities harder than most.

“As one of the fastest growing communities in Australia, Council is focused on ensuring we can meet the challenges of delivering services and infrastructure to a community growing towards half a million,” the Mayor said.

“The transformation of Council’s operations and investment in better systems and technology has already delivered savings which have been reinvested in the community.

“The 2018-19 Draft Budget continues this efficiency transformation and invests in delivering smarter, simpler and more streamlined processes and technology for residents.

“We are leading the way through our Smart Cities program and investing in our technology and processes now, so we can deliver and meet the growing demands of a community tipped to exceed 500,000 residents by 2041.”

All residents are encouraged to check out the 2018-19 Draft Budget and have their say at by Friday 8 June 2018.

Anyone who makes a submission will have the opportunity to present to Council on 19 June 2018 at a Special Council Meeting.

Council will consider any written submissions, prior to adopting the Budget on 26 June 2018.

The 2018-19 Draft Budget at a glance:

  • $441.1m total budget
    • $319.9m operating budget
    • $121.2m million capital works program
  • 2.25% average general rate increase in line with the rate cap and a $28 increase in waste charge due to global recycling crisis. Based on recent property valuations conducted by the Victorian Valuer General, this means the rates and waste charge for residential properties will increase by an average of $85 this year.

Capital Works Program highlights:

$25.98m to renew, upgrade and construct new sports recreational facilities including:

  • New District Level Soccer Pavilion at Jack Thomas Reserve, Narre Warren North ($4.08m)
  • Pavilion upgrade for soccer, cricket and football at Lawson Poole Reserve, Cranbourne ($3.13m)

$14.66m to renew and build family and community facilities including:

  • New Family and Community Centre in Ramlegh Estate, Clyde ($3.1m)
  • New Family and Community Centre in Kilora Estate, Clyde North ($3.73m)

$26.65m for improving Casey’s expansive road and path network including:

  • Planning, design and construction of a missing link of Glasscocks Road, Hampton Park ($7m)
  • Creation of recreational Troups Creek shared path, from north of Princes Highway to Saffron Drive, Narre Warren ($520,467)

$4.55m for building and improving our playgrounds and open spaces including:

  • Development of recreation park land, called Bayview Park, inspired by the 1000 Steps at the old Narre Warren Landfill Site, Narre Warren North ($531,200)
  • Stage 2 development of Livvi's Place Playground, Lyndhurst ($265,600

$4.5m to continue Council’s digital transformation to leverage technology, innovation and data to meet the demands of our future size.