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Be the purr-fect pet owner!


One thing’s for sure, Casey residents are animal mad. In fact, Casey is home to more than 35,000 dogs and cats – fur-real! 

With their unique personalities and quirky traits, pets can be a great addition to households, but owning them also brings responsibilities to ensure they are valued members of your family and the Casey community. 

If you own a four-legged friend or are planning to add a pooch or pussycat to your family, here’s Council’s top tips for being a responsible pet owner. 

Register your pet with Council 

All dogs and cats over three months of age must be registered with their local Council. Animal registrations must also be renewed each year by 10 April. All pet owners in Casey should have now received their reminder notice for 2019 and are urged to pay their renewal this week if they haven’t already done so. 

Create a safe environment

Ensure your pet is unable to escape your property and provide your animal with appropriate bedding and shelter from weather. 

Keep your pet healthy

Have regular check-ups with your vet and ensure your pet is always vaccinated, wormed and flea -treated. It’s important to also desex your pet to prevent unwanted litters and to reduce behavioural problems. 

Comply with animal laws

Ensure your pet is always wearing its identification tags, microchip your pet for permanent identification and ensure all records are kept up to date. Pet owners are also required to keep dogs on a leash while outside of their property unless in a designated off-leash area and must always carry a disposable bag to pick up after your dog.  Cats must be confined to your own property. 

Ensure your pet’s not a nuisance to your neighbours

Pet owners must ensure that their animals do not cause a nuisance. Dogs barking excessively can cause great annoyance and create friction between neighbours. Dogs bark for many reasons such as warning their owners that there are people in the vicinity of their property; they bark when they are excited and playful; when they are bored and lonely and, in some cases, due to illness. It is your responsibility as a dog owner to ensure your dog does not create a nuisance so you and your neighbours can live harmoniously together. 

Pet owners must also ensure that they create and maintain a clean and hygienic environment for their pets to reduce any type of odour that may occur. Owners need to be extra vigilant when cleaning up after their pets in summer as heat can emphasise the odour, which may affect your neighbours negatively. 

Train and exercise your pet

Training and socialising your pet will teach them obedience and show them how to act around family, other pets and community members. Exercising is a great way to mentally and physically stimulate your pet. 

To find out more pet related information or to renew your pet's registration visit the pets and animals page.