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See Council's latest advice on COVID-19.

Be Kind Casey


COVID-19 has put many of us through some very challenging times, but it has been heartening to see people from our community showing acts of kindness to support one another throughout this difficult period.

To shine a light on these acts of kindness, the City of Casey joined the Be Kind movement, which was initially put together by the City of Ballarat. Be Kind encourages community members to share acts of kindness.

We would also love to hear your stories, so please be sure to share them with us on our Facebook page.

The Be Kind campaign will promote ways that people can:

  • Be Kind to themselves
  • Be Kind to others
  • Be Kind to businesses
  • Ways that Council is supporting the community

Be Kind to yourself:

Here are some ways you can be kind to yourself (especially during self-isolation periods):

  • be physically active, either take a walk or download a FREE work out onto your phone that you can do at home:
    - YMCA have a range of different free online exercise videos.
    - The Australian Physiotherapy Association have a range of exercise videos for seniors or individuals with mobility limitations.
  •  if you’re working from home, remember to take regular breaks and don’t come back to your computer once you have officially clocked off
  • limit your time on social media – read a book, do some drawing, write a poem
  • while it’s very important to remain informed, limit the amount of news you are watching if you’re finding it’s too distressing
  • play a board game with the kids
  • spend time with your pets! Extra cuddles and walks are in order
  • engage in healthy activities that bring you joy, for example, baking, cleaning, reading or drawing. 

VicHealth also has a range of FREE resources to help you look after your well being during COVID:

If you are struggling to cope during the pandemic, here is a list of support services that you can phone:

Be Kind to others:

Here are some ways you can be kind to others:

  • check in on vulnerable members of your family. If you know of an elderly person, new mum or immune-compromised person in your community, see if they need a hand
  • reach out to your neighbours to see if they need help or support, click here for a neighbourhood card that you can leave in people's letterboxes. 
  • give someone a call or send a text to a family member or friend every day. Not only does this remind them that someone is thinking of them, but it’s great for your own mental health too
  • find out what local community groups need donations 
  • swap books, puzzles or boards games with a neighbour or friend

You can also visit Casey's own volunteer portal Volunteer Matcher to see what opportunities are around to help out with a local community group.

Support local community organisations
Here are some local community groups currently accepting donations:

Be Kind Business

The City of Casey has launched the Casey Business Helpline to provide personal support to businesses on a case by case basis. Council recognises business needs will vary greatly and the Helpline will allow Council to tailor its support to respond to specific business requirements.  

The helpline will enable Council’s Economic Development officers to guide businesses through the Federal and State Government information and relief packages available. Find out more here. 

Be Kind Casey

While many changes have occurred across the Casey community, Council is continuing to deliver essential services and is providing additional support where possible:

  • Community organisations providing relief and recovery services in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19 can apply for Quick Response Grants to support their work. So far nearly $41,000 has been provided to 16 community organisations across Casey. 
  • Assistance for community organisations to enable continued emergency and food relief by helping them to recruit volunteers through the Volunteer Matcher Program.
  • We are providing flexibility for rates payments to affected customers. Anyone unable to meet their payment by the due date is encouraged to contact Council as soon as possible to make arrangements and discuss potential relief options. Interest on all current overdue accounts has been suspended until 30 June 2020. 

Find out what else Council has been doing to support the community throughout this challenging period here.

To find out what resources and support are available for you, visit Community resources website page. 

For the latest health information on the coronavirus, visit the Department of Health and Human Services website, or for Council updates, visit our dedicated coronavirus page