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All aboard the Dees train!


Casey’s community club, Melbourne Football Club are well on their way to making it into the big dance!

The Dees won their first final late last month when they toppled Brisbane Lions by 33 points in an exciting win for the boys that sent them straight into the Preliminary Final!

After a well-earned rest last weekend, they’re fighting fit and ready to take on Geelong, which if successful, will earn them a spot in the grand final, which is to be played in Perth this year on Saturday 25 September. 

The last time MFC won a grand final was in 1964 when they beat Collingwood by four points.

As a thank you for your support, Melbourne CEO Gary Pert has recorded a message for Casey’s community, which can be viewed below. 

To read more on the MFC and their season so far, visit the Melbourne Football Club website.

If the boys win this week, there will be an exciting competition to come next week, so stay tuned!


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